Issue faced by the World :

You all very well know about the serious issue our whole world is facing now- a- days that’s a virus called the CORONAVIRUS or COVID – 19 . It’s spreading rapidly day by day and causing a large unacceptable increase in the death rate.



It’s the virus that is said to be found in animals but don’t know that which thing causes it in animals . It is transmitted from the animals into the persons and then from person to person frequently.



 Firstly, it is transmitted through the animals into the humans then pass from human to human through coughing near the other person , through touching the objects having virus on them or through shaking hands . So avoid doing such things to make yourself and your family safe and secure.


What are the Symptoms of C)RONAVIRUS ?

Fever, cough,  shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties are the major CORONAVIRUS symptoms . In  serious severe cases , this virus causes Pneumonia Multiple organ failure and sometimes even Death.

But some patients having this virus don’t  show the symptoms and are called Asymptomatic. Other then this , the infected persons show the symptoms with five to six days.


Treatment for the C)RONAVIRUS :

No exact treatment has been yet used to treat the C)RONAVIRUS  but our doctors are working to save humans. Firstly,  if you see the above mentioned symptoms in yourself  or in your surroundings concern your family doctor. Then he will take your FDA test  for COVID-19 . If you might have been the victim, then the first advice he will give you is SELF – ISOLATION which help you from spreading of the virus among your family or surroundings.


What are the precautions you must have to save yourself ?

There are one of steps you must follow to safe yourself from this virus . These includes the most important  practising the social distancing . The other precautions are avoid shaking hands with ill person, stay at home if you are sick , wash your hands before eating anything for 20 minutes at least or after going to washroom stay way while coughing and use alcohol based hand sanitizer with almost 60 % of alcohol to safe yourself. It’s up to you the more you protect yourself from it the more you will be safe and secure. Wear masks while going out from your home and avoid being in the gatherings or crowds .


Food that keep you healthy  :

If by bad luck you have been the virus victim then don’t worry and make possible things to make your immune systems strong so that it can fight against the COVID-19.  Eat the foods such as citrus fruits,   garlic,  kiwi, turmeric and spinach to make your immune system strong.



Health is an essential part of everybody’s life and everyone tries to keep himself healthy and fit . CORONAVIRUS  is spreading  but it can be controlled and you can preserve yourself from it . So , take care of your health and keep yourself strong and healthy by following the precautions which make you capable of living the best healthy life.


                                                          STAY AT HOME AND STAY SAFE.

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