If you wanted to be a fashion designer in future and are searching for a best fashion schools in California to be attended. And when you are looking for the best you looked for these some important points which are location, tuition costs, reputation, and resources. California the state well known for its fashion provides you with the best selection of fashion schools in the country. There are round about 55 schools which offers you a number of amazing and best fashion degrees out of these 55 schools 11 offers postgraduate degrees.

California is one of the unique states that offers you with the best opportunity to make you involved to the network in the national fashion community. California provides you the opportunity to became a part of it by having its membership which helps you begin networking as a student in the best way. after earning your degree in California, you will be capable of starting an exciting a successful fashion career. 

Dream forge, YMI Jeans Inc., and JustFab are the major employers in this state. $10,172 is the average cost of tuition in California while at of schools like Chaffey College and Monterey Peninsula College cost is just over $1,100 per semester. well if we see overall than all the schools of fashion in California are doing at its best and students who want to apply in these schools must get confused. so, for there convenient here we will explain you some of the best and top ranked schools in California


Academy of art university is located in San Francisco, California, USA. this institute offers the undergraduate and graduate programs these includes Fashion Journalism, Fashion Product Development, Knitwear Design, Textile Design, Fashion Marketing & Brand Management, Fashion Merchandising & Management and other like this. Annual Tuition of this fashion school is $26,399. this school has a wide range of fashion concentrations from design to journalism to styling at both the undergraduate and graduate level and is well known as the heart of San Francisco. if you are not capable of joining than don’t worry as it also offers you with the online courses and has a big graduate fashion show. this schools works in its best way to make its students satisfied and happy regarding each and everything such as resources, career preparedness and student-teacher ratio and many more. some of the best Companies that recruit from this school, according to the school includes Burberry, Calvin Klein, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent. according to the students they say that:

=> Location: San Francisco,CA
=> Major: Fashion Design
=> Campus: Large Campus
=> Urban Setting :Yes
=> Tuition Cost: $18360
=>Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards:$ 8074



  “This school is great for learning techniques and professionalism as the teachers are industry members.  The financial aid is a joke though with very minimum financial support.”


so, this shows that it’s really an amazing school of fashion and you must be fast to have its membership. this membership will let you being a part of this great school soon.

                        Apply Here: ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY



another best school of fashion is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. it offers you with the programs of Fashion Design, Costume Design. and its annual tuition fee is $45,200. some of the famous alumni teaching at this school are Rick Owens (didn’t graduate, Claire Pettibone, Claire Chouinard (Patagonia, owner and VP of Design), Cynthia Vincent Charmaine De Mello (Design Director, Alexander Wang). the important and famous companies that recruit from this school are: AG Jeans, Manhattan Beachwear, Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters according to the school. its enrolment is 118 and classes are given in English. we know that its graduation rate is lower than that of others and it just not produces the most marquee names, even though we can’t neglect this thing that this school offers you 92% job placement rate and it is really notable; it’s clear that employers in L.A. and beyond see Otis as a reliable source of strong candidates. this school facilities you to work with the most famous industry professionals on designs for their graduate fashion show. either its classes are smaller than other fashions schools even though its teaching style and making its student to be the best is the best thing of it. students are well satisfied by making their decisions to have its membership. and its respected design school that employs industry professionals, with a nice campus in a fashion capital. there are number of views given by the students, following is one of them:

=> Location: Log Angeles California 
=>Major : Fashion Design(BA in Fashion Design) 
=>Campus: Large Campus
=>Urban Setting: Yes
=>Tuition Cost: $48380
=>Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards: $1020



“Your creativity will be pushed and truly make you stand out from other students at other schools. Everything is taught in real world situations, so it becomes second nature when you’re at internships and/or jobs.”


So, after knowing all these things we are damn sure that you would get excited to have its membership as soon as possible. so just feel save and satisfied and apply there to have your dreams comes true.

                             Apply Here:OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN



this beautifully designed school of fashion designing is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. the programs which FIDM offers including associate and bachelor are Technical Design, Knitwear Design, Merchandising & Marketing, Textile Design, Costume Design, Jewelry Design. its annual tuition is $31,500. the famous alumni who are the part of this institute are Lubov Azria (BCBG Max Azria), Monique Lhuillier, Pamela Skaist-Levy, Randolph Duke, Trish Summerville, Salvador Perez, Chriselle Lim.
This institute with great vocational and designed wonderfully and is best for the practice experience it offers you an incredible career database for placement post-graduation, helping the school achieve a pretty high job placement rate. the best thing that make this school unique is that it offers all the students two-year Associate’s degrees along with the option of further two years study for the completion of Bachelor’s (or to transfer with an Associate’s from another institution), other than that of the graduate programs. whopping 30+ creative majors are also offered by this institution.
If you are interested and willing to pursue costume design than its the top spot for you along with its proximity to Hollywood. And it is also expected that in coming future FIDM will soon become more relevant and respected as L.A continues to become a bigger priority for the fashion industry. many students have given their comments some of these are:

=> Location: Log Angeles California 
=>Major : Apparel Design, Beauty Business Management ,Fashion knitwear Design
=>Campus: Large Campus
=>Urban Setting: Yes
=>Tuition Cost: $36,006
=>Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards: Available 


“If you’re not serious about the industry, don’t come here. You will have loads of homework, but it’s fun work because we’re doing what we love, and every class is important and relevant.”

“The institution offers many opportunities but they won’t hold your hand or guide you through them; you have to be very proactive in finding ways to propel your future career.”


so, this is the best opportunity for you all who really want to become a famous fashion designer. be fast and have its information in detail and apply for its membership to become the part of this rapidly growing institute and make your future bright. Be the first and get the first.


4:  California College of the Arts

California College of the arts is the non profit arts college which offers the numbers of programs (22 undergraduate programs  and  11 graduate programs). Students experiences the different exposure with theory and practice in 
learning environment, that helping the students to enhance their skills and to gain the creative confidence and
 entrepreneurial skills needed for contemporary creative practice.

Graduates form CCA is hired by the companies such as Apple, Facebook , Google, Disney ,AutoDesk ,Nike.
Many Alumni of CCA Started their own successful venture  ,and many Alumni works in major institutes such
as  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Whitney Museum,

=> Location: Oakland California 
=>Major : Fashion Design
=>Campus: Small Campus
=>Urban Setting: Yes
=>Tuition Cost: $38,448
=>Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards: $15,624

fashion schools in california
fashion schools in California

Apply Here: California College of the arts(CCA)



5: Chaffey College


Chaffy College is the one of oldest fashion college in California. Design and  Manufacturing  program of chaffy 
college will prepare students to make their career in manufacturing ,design , apparel and Selling cloths ,
Chaffy college Also Provides 60 hours professional internship to their students to get the hands on experience 
in the current fashion market . This helps students to groom them self and to increase the job placement opportunity
This program Provide both morning and evening classes

=> Location: Rancho Cucamonga California 
=>Major : Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing
=>Campus: Small Campus
=>Urban Setting: Yes
=>Tuition Cost: $1,104
=>Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards: $1,097

Fashion Schools in California
Fashion Schools in California

Apply Here:  Chaffy College

6:West Valley College

West Valley College is a public community college and also  the member of California Community College system
west college also offer the FASHION DESIGN PROGRAM which is fully processional and effective training program
that helps students to make their career as a fashion designer in top fashion industries and meet the industries 
requirements.West Valley College offer   Associate Degree in Fashion Design, Certificate Apparel Production, and Associate Degree Apparel Production. You can also transfer to universities

=> Location:  Saratoga, California
=>Major : AS in Apparel Design, AS in Apparel Production; Certificates in Apparel Design Level
=>Campus: Large Campus
=>Urban Setting: Yes
=>Tuition Cost:  $1,484
=>Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards: Yes

fashion schools in california
fashion schools in california

Apply Here: West Valley College


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