Healthy Chinese Food Options


China is the country that is well known for food as for its art. China has a great number of delicious foods to eat and most of them include the sea food. People love to eat a variety of food and that this the main reasons that a large number of people used to go to different amazing restaurants with their family or friends just to have one of the best foods to eat and enjoy its taste. But when we talk about food their comes further two categories and these are healthy and non-healthy food. We are humans and our body required nutrients to remain fit and healthy.
By eating food is not enough but eating healthy food means a lot. Many dishes of china are too tasty to eat but are not healthy, so eating such food for longer time would probably affects your health. So, here for your convenient we have bought 5 best Healthy Chinese Food Options. Even though there are a long list of healthy food options in china but these 5 are the best out of others. These are full of nutrients and keep you healthy


It’s one of the best foods cooked beautifully by the Chinese and its really healthy to be eaten. Moo Goo Gai Pan a delicious Americanized version of a traditional Cantonese dish. This dish actually is cooked in a very perfect way by the use of button mushrooms (moo goo), stir-fried chicken slices (gai pan) and other veggies like bok choy, snow peas, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots cooked in a light sauce made from soy sauce, sesame oil and chicken broth.
The speciality of this food is that this dish is Filled wait syrupy, sugary sauces that are really very good for us as they functions to cause the blood sugar to go through normal. This food is best for health as it provides protein and fiber-rich vegetables and the thing is that without that dreaded insulin spike that’s not  good for our body. Americanized Chinese dishes are tasty to be eaten and don’t harm your body in fact gives you energy.


Another best food to be eaten cooked by Chines is well known as Shrimp or beef and broccoli. The main thing in this food is shrimp that are low-calorie so its really good for health. While the beef version often contains the flank steak that is really very lean. The essential  ingredient used in this food is the garlic sauce that proofs to be healthier  alternative than sweet and sour, sesame or General Tso’s. It provides nutrients to our body and deciduous in states also.
So, many people used to eat it to have both the things enjoy the taste and secondly to gain good health. So make it the part of your meal and provide your body with the essential nutrients to stay healthy and fit.

Healthy Chinese Food Options
Healthy Chinese Food Options


Deliciously cooked dish Buddha’s Delight is considered as the real deal in China. This dish is actually named on the basis of Buddhist monks who eat it as they were vegetarian but they has gained popularity all over the world. It’s actually the best option at an American Chines Restaurant for the people who are vegetarian and they might feel limited by the menu.
Its actually a meat-free option that is still light and healthy. This dish is made typically by using veggies, tofu and a little bit of light sauce. Everything in this dish is steamed which cuts down the caloric punch that is packed by most other Chinese dishes. As we all know that vegetables provide us a number of essential nutrients and proteins which keep our body healthy.

Healthy Chinese Food Options
Healthy Chinese Food Options


This tasty food is made traditionally with pork. This is Northern Chines dish with the variations in chicken, vegetables, beef, shrimp or tofu.  scallions, mushrooms and scrambled eggs seasoned with ginger, garlic and rice wine (that you eat wrapped in thin pancakes),  are the ingredients that this Authentic Chinese versions contain. But when we talk about western recipes they also include cabbage, water chestnuts and other veggies for making it more delicious.
It is seen that if this food is eaten with low-carb and Lower fat meal and light sauce it is beneficial for us as in this case its healthy but when we increase the sauce amount its energy giving power decreases so avoid the use of too much sauce.

Healthy Chinese Food Options
Healthy Chinese Food Options



Boyd suggests ordering skewered proteins, like the beef or chicken found on a pupu platter, if you want a protein-rich meal. The food found on a pup platter such as beef or chicken which are the skewered proteins they are too much healthy for your body. Some people in the restaurants demands for the best food then they are served with anything on the stick.
Deep-fried snacks are too tasty to be eaten with the sauce on the side to have the taste of deep-fried snacks which are often found along with the pup platter, like egg rolls and fried wontons. Chicken, pork and beef in a sugary concoction  which are rich in protein and provides you with good health and fitness.

These are some of the best food that help you to remain healthy. When we talk about food we always look for the two points. Firstly, for the taste that it must be tasty and secondly that it must provide us energy keep us healthy. So  we have given a detail information about 5 best and healthy Chinese food which you must have and keep yourself healthy. Eat healthy to stay healthy

Healthy Chinese Food Options
Healthy Chinese Food Options

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