How do I manage my Kitchen Renovation?

Manage Kitchen Renovation:-My favorite room in the house is my Kitchen. It’s definitely the heart and soul of our home. It’s where we gather in the morning as a family to start the day, and it’s where we wind down at night over supper.”

(Kimberly Schlapman)

There are many things which I always keep in my mind while renovation my Kitchen.

My Kitchen is the smallest world for me. It contains a lot of ingredients and a lot of some other strategies while cooking. Without this smallest room, nobody can’t cook as tasty as he wants.

I followed these simple steps while managing my kitchen renovation.

  • First of all, I always set my budget. According to my budget and according to the money I manage it. I never do it over.
  • During the renovation, I research about new designs, things, models, groceries, and some other innovations.
  • While setting up a budget, I always keep some extra money for future use or unexpected things which always come after research.
  • The main thing is my renovation is that I always consider the hidden and that cost which not mentioned on the product just like taxes etc.
  • Choosing some products for my Kitchen, I always want quality, not quantity. Best quality products have a long life.
  • The important thing is that I always prefer needs. Needs vs. Wants you should always choose needs because requirements are necessary and wants are not. We can fulfill our desires at any time, but needs should be done at the time.
  • The layout of the Kitchen is depends upon your space of the house and also depends upon your needs and equipment. According to my design, my kitchen layout is so simple. It has a cupboard, an unattractive surface containing water system: a small chair, stove space, and a whitewashed shade.
  • The Kitchen must be comprehensive and equipment handler. A more extensive kitchen always store maximum oxygen for your absorption. Otherwise, oxygen may finish, and you can die due to low oxygen.
  • I have more extensive Kitchen, and all equipment, table, chair, cupboard, water system, all things have maximum space.
  • I always take care of my kitchen lighting. A well-lighted kitchen can grab the attention of the cooker.
  • My Kitchen has all appliances for daily use, such as stove, fan, AC for summer, Gass, water, electricity, etc.
  • Kitchen flooring and always washing pt and fully furnished by me.
  • I always remember when the renovation of my Kitchen that the space of walking must be full and maximum 45 inches to walk. Without low range, you cannot walk between, and if you can’t walk, then you can’t cook tasty and so delicious food. While walking, you feel comfortable and peace of mind. If you are not a designer, then hire someone for this purpose and assign that work for the good.
  • Adopt all these criteria; you will feel comfortable to renovate your Kitchen. By default, you can follow these steps.


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