How to Make Money online without zero skills:

How to Make Money online without zero skills:

It’s a most common question about that HOW CAN I BE MY OWN BOSS?

How can I use my knowledge in the right way to start my own online business, and generate a handsome amount of money online?

Do I have to take special knowledge or degree/certifications or skills for this type of work?

No, These Degrees and Certifications will give an extra boost but the most important thing is Urge and dedication, no matter, if you have a high school diploma or a college degree or have Zero skills still you can generate your best income stream.

Even though the 5G era most of the people found astonished if one says that “I am making a hell of money from online business!!”. So here comes us to guide you people with a proper direction to make money online.

  • Content Writing:

Writing online is one of the BEST ways to earn extra money, Content is still a backbone for any video, web page, or any website and has its own significance. If you’re a great writer, why not use that skill to find ways to make that extra income?

  • Start a Blog:

Start a blog with some novel ideas related to any field can be a source of income as well

  • Create websites:

Creating a Website is no more Technical nowadays. If you are not a computer geek or even you are not familiar with programming languages (PHP, HTML, CSS bootstrap, JavaScript, etc) still you can create your own websites by using pre-loaded themes and templates on website development (mostly drag and drop) tolls such as or WordPress.

4)       Google Adsense:

During web surfing you come to see the ads which are sponsored by Google, these are known as Google AdSense. These adds are everywhere basically the adds of the companies are sponsored by Google and they can be pasted on your website and Google will pay you on each click and as per traffic on your web page. There are some terms and conditions and payment can vary according to these terms. But this is a good way to earn the extra cash as you don’t need some special skills you just have to gain the web traffic so that you can boost your earning. The procedure is much simpler just signup to Google AdSense and they will give you a link code that was pasted on your web page and Adds will show accordingly.

5)       Video Monetization:

If You have any novel idea that you want to share with others, then what’s the wait? Start making videos and upload them to YouTube. YouTube is the best source for doing video monetization, in which you don’t have to learn any special language skills, you can perform in your daily use language i.e. English, Urdu, etc. you just need an idea which can attract the peoples so that they subscribe your YouTube channel. As much as your channel subscriber and watch time The YouTube will pay you accordingly.

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