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Technology is essential nowadays, it affects businesses, individuals, communities, and nations. Information technology is an entire industry belongs to the use of computers and software for managing information. It relates to computing technology, such as hardware, networking, software, internet or people involves in these technologies. These days every successful company has its IT department for managing networks, systems, technical parts of businesses for protecting, storing, processing, transmitting, and later retrieving information when needed. IT can also help through customer relationship management, communication, management information system (MIS) etc.


Businesses are extremely important for a country’s economy because it provide both services, goods and employment. Businesses creates opportunities for unemployed to maintain their standard of living and in return businesses get sales and production of their services and goods to consumers. Successful businesses in today’s age has division that is largely based on technology. No matter what services and products are being sold, businesses likely have marketing and sales teams that attempts to reach to the customers through internet that exactly means IT support is essential for businesses nowadays. Security breach is a major issue in today’s business world that your company could become vulnerable to cyberattacks like financial attacks, leak of your confidential information, your employee’s private information, no matter how small or big business you owned. A crack IT professionals’ team can be able to install protections against viruses and security breaches. These protections can potentially safeguard your business. So, there is no need to wait to protect yourselves until it’s too late. On the other hand, businesses have hundreds and thousands of files of data to store in their systems. Managing this data is not an impossible core if you have IT professionals to help you organizing it so you know exactly how and where to find your data whenever you need that. Customers data, their profiles and payment information can also be managed by them. Sophisticated database is a need of every successful organization to survive these days otherwise competition can make you lost. IT has knowledge to help you running your businesses more effectively and efficiently so that you can make more money and stay profitable.

Healthcare needs IT

Information technology is essential in every sector nowadays either its financial institute, media, healthcare, transport, computers or any other sector. Here we are discussing about healthcare that why IT is important for this sector and how healthcare is being affected by these breaching activities? As we are aware medical error reduction is a global issue and its implementation for Patient care information system (PCISs) is essential for achieving it. PCISs is broadly defining the healthcare process by allowing patients and healthcare professionals for direct access to entry systems, radiology information system, medical record system, patient information system and so on. With fully integrated and accessible patient’s electronic record, false decision making from the lack of information can be reduced, instant access for up-to date medical knowledge, improvement in tracking orders, communication improvement, reminder for actions of professionals to be undertaken, this can helps to prevent over, under, or misuse of therapeutic interventions or diagnosis. Medication system have received special attention by IT.

Importance of IT for Business survival


There has been a dramatical change in healthcare because of technological development. Healthcare work has a complex nature that both hides and creates errors that can be nearly silent or invisible. This work can be characterized as trajectories, managing of patients under continuous pressure of time, healthcare professionals can take help in keeping patient’s problems on track. Dimension’s whole range, including diagnostic tests, interpreting physical signs and in dealing with patient’s individual needs and organizational policies. Computers applications are doing their best while automating routine work. Technological innovations are going to keep transforming healthcare in future, while (treatments and new drugs, social media support in healthcare, new devices, etc.) can drive innovation. Healthcare is a kind of market for technology where consumers like hospitals are willing to pay huge amount of money for prestige equipment, such as MRI and PET liner accelerators and scanners. Technology extends and automate things that formerly had to be done by people like lowering cost of production, miniaturization and so on.

Resources for IT implementation

Information technology applied to healthcare and health, can support Health information management across computerized networks. It can also provide safe and secure exchange of health information between payers, providers, consumers, and quality monitors. The electronic health records (EHRs) are viewed as most encouraging tool for the overall quality improvement, safe, effective and efficient health delivery system. Medical technology cost increasing rapidly because medical professionals made progress in medicine by rapid increase in use of sophisticated technology which is quite expensive and often beyond the reach of average, laser treatments like hair removal laser treatments, antiaging laser treatments, pediatric heart care technology and many more. To cope with this situation there is a need of use and development of appropriate technology according to the priorities and needs of the society. Designing and implementation of health information system depends upon the available resources for routine information. By the implementation of electronic medical record system safety of care and efficiency can be improved. According to a study, annually 81$ billion can be saved by US healthcare system. Quality of care can be improved and adverse healthcare events can be reduced widely by adopting health information technology.

 Role of Information Technology

It is very important to make sure that the technology you are going to adopt will actually boosts your productivity and supports your workflows. It is beneficial to use technology in healthcare setting as it’s an appropriate tech that can resolve administrative issues and results in reducing mistakes. Technology can boost employee productivity by making them get on with their tasks. They will spend less time in correcting course by sorting out mistakes. Inappropriate treatments can be administered in less time, errors can be resolved efficiently that may cause decrease in productivity. Healthcare sector is using technology in another very effective way which is a communication app. It can easily accessible through smart phones and the app can also travel with healthcare workers site to site because communication is a very huge part of healthcare jobs. Clinicians, Physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other members of healthcare cycle needs to communicate each other about patients, they can be able to do it so easily and quickly. They can get done more in a single shift. Diagnostic accuracy can be improved by efficient exchange of electronic medical data, Holistic treatment plans can be achieved by physicians and healthcare providers that targets not just symptoms of patient but individual.


Use of Information technology in healthcare sector playing an important role by improving quality, reducing the healthcare cost and increasing revenue. Electronic medical record, intranets for information sharing among stakeholders, electronic medical record and use of public networks, such as provision of remote diagnostics, distributing health related information, internet. As technology and computers use in clinics, private practice expands and hospitals. IT can be used in many ways to improve patient safety, healthcare delivery and relationship between healthcare providers and patients. First of all data management and patents records are the most noteworthy use of IT. Clunky paper charts can be misinterpreted, lost or damaged but now patients record can be tracked easily and securely like X-rays, pharmacy records, and test results. Except patient records, nursing informatics also has sprung up intersection of clinical care and IT. This study interlinks nursing practices and management of IT together. It’s a place where data meets science, and the field is becoming more popular with increased demand of a workforce and technology that wants to combine data in service of medical patients and science for the passion to make improvements in healthcare for all. So, that more time can be spent on patients care and less on documenting.

Risks, IT brings to business

From the last ten years (2009 to 2019) healthcare data breach activities are just increasing day by day and till now 2545 cases have been reported over healthcare data breach and about 194853.404 healthcare records are being resulted in impermissible disclosure, exposure and theft, which is 59.8% of United States population. 2015 was the year when ratio or breaches decreases but again from the next year number of reported cases increases and even still increasing steadily, year 2018 was record breaker in healthcare data breaches with 365, about 2% more cases then previous year. One of the largest healthcare breaches happened in an Insurance company Anthem, and that breach exposed the personal data of 78.8 million former and current members and employees of company, exposed data consists of names. Social security numbers, date of births, home addresses and a lot of other information. There is another security breach case of Lowa health group in which private data of over 1.4 million people was exposed by threating Emails. Biggest cause of data breach activities was IT incidents, hacking, disclosure, unauthorized access etc. These activities can be avoided by installing safeguards in networks and systems.

Maintain and monitor IT

Healthcare industry is revolutionized by IT with the help of so many advances in technology. Health information system (HIT) supports the management and maintenance of health in electronic format, enabling healthcare professionals and doctors to access their patients’ medical information immediately. Health informatics field has a boost in form of technology which is a combination of IT, business, and healthcare, many top universities are now offering dedicated healthcare IT certification. More reliable and safer prescriptions can be provided by electronic health record. Healthcare IT enables error free and high-quality care in affective and efficient way. Healthcare informatics are not limited to a single area but these are working efficiently in many areas like bioinformatics, clinical informatics, public health informatics, pharmacy and medical informatics, health related management and IT, nursing informatics. Healthcare sector is maintaining IT because it is working as a revolutionary agent, by decreasing healthcare cost and being a cause of increase in revenue, by providing modern and appropriate technology for screening, diagnosing and also helping in treatment of patients. Electronic audit of patients can save your hours of time by preventing you from paper auditing systems. Round about 82% of healthcare professionals and doctors reported that electronic prescriptions are saving their time and reducing their efforts.


The use of information technology in healthcare sector is expanding by rapid rate. However, healthcare providers are being experiencing so many challenges when they endeavor the implementation of information technology applications. For instance, achieved quality results of investing IT were not often rewarded but later results were not only satisfactory but also become cause of enhancing information, quick access to healthcare professionals and patients, which in return enhance the quality of care for patients. The use of IT is also improving communication between doctors and healthcare professionals.


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