Japan decided to cancel the 2020 Olympics which was going to be held in Tokyo. They mentioned the reason that due to the coronavirus issue. The International Committee of Olympic requested Japan to postponed the event later in the year. But the officials of Japan decided to think over that.

The President of Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizing committee “Yoshiro Mori” told us that it is very regrettable for us to cancel this Olympic event 2020. For this Japan will face a loss of 100 billion USD.

With respect to the monetary harm that dropping the Olympics could do to Japan. One could contend that the damage has been finished. Notwithstanding the removals, the Olympics have just conceded gigantic giveaways of land to the designers who are building the Athletes Village. That won’t change in view of an infection—or even an undoing. The composing is on the divider: There is adequate motivation to drop these Olympics to benefit Japan. The coronavirus just uncovers those reasons.

Recently, Google also canceled its biggest event only due to the Coronavirus.

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