Marketing Strategies Analysis Report for Two Brands of Any Industry

Customer Value

Customer value is the insights of products and services that are worthy to customers versus other possible alternatives available in the market. (Wiedmann, 2018) Worthy means customers always wanted to feel the benefits of products or services over what he paid.  Companies can increase their customer value and business by focusing their efforts on their best customers.

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Different customers will vary different perceptions of value for the company relative to its opponents, based on geographic immediacy, i.e. product’s attributes that might found attractive by a particular segment. Prices of the products should make it clear to the customers that they are receiving value, by that company can also maximize the take of the product. A satisfied customer who received a lot of value in the company’s subscription will usually be willing to pay more but on the other hand, unsatisfied customers will switch from you even at a very low price.

So, to overcome such kind of situations companies needs to focus their investment on their most valuable customers. In this report, we will discuss different marketing strategies of two leading brands of appliances in the market,

Dawlance Group of Companies

Dawlance is the largest appliance company in Pakistan. It started its business in 1980 with refrigerators’ manufacturing but now it’s a well-known name of home appliance industry with a vast range of products including deep freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, and many other small appliances. (Haque, 2019) Dawlance has a significant and prominent market share in Pakistan because it is providing the benefits of a world-class modern lifestyle to its customers with its innovative products.

Dawlance has a mission to promote reliability in everything they do in their household appliances field. They are valuing their customers by assuring them about the presence of reliability, affordability, and innovation in their products. The goal of Dawlance is to increase customer satisfaction by providing them quality products for making their lives easier.

Haier Group Corporation

Haier is a china-based household appliances company that was set up in 1984. From the last 8 years, Haier has been serving as the number one global home appliances brand. It has industrial parks in 30 countries and more than 85,000 employees around the world. (Frynas, George, Mol, & Mellahi, 2018) Haier has been serving its customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Haier believes to see itself not only as of the manufacturer of the products but as a provider of solutions to its customer’s problems. Haier has a strategy to provide quality and innovative products to its customers around the world by bringing value to them to reap the benefits of the improved standard and modern lifestyles. Haier is offering high-quality products with innovative features that are aimed to make their user’s life enjoyable, easier and yet affordable.

Marketing Environment Analysis

A strategic analysis tool that helps in identifying external and internal factors of the environment that can affect the organization’s abilities to work properly is called marketing environment analysis. (Spyropoulou, 2018) It is the most popular tool for analyzing business strategies worldwide, and also known as PESTLE analysis.

Dawlance PESTLE Analysis

Dawlance is one of the most accepted brands in Pakistan. In 2016 Dawlance has been purchased by Arcelik, which is an Istanbul based organization, according to the marketing environmental analysis of Dawlance several political factors affect it to operate in Pakistan smoothly. (Ayden, 2018) The rapid increase in tax rates, inflation, export policies, government policies, and rates regarding raw material purchases are very important for a company to analyze correctly.

The company needs to keep in mind the income of targeted customers and then strategize its economic policies. Dawlance is contributing very effectively to the GDP of the country. By considering the social culture of Pakistani families Dawlance should mold the product’s designs which are socially acceptable according to the lifestyles of people there. The Company is focusing on modern techniques for production by using the latest technology.

Patents and copyrights must be secured for designing of produced products of the company, as it’s a legal factor that can’t be compromised. Dawlance is trying to make sure that the product they are manufacturing can provide a healthy environment, user-friendly. Safety precautions are also be acknowledged during usage and even in.  manufacturing.

Haier Co. PESTLE Analysis

Haier is a China-based international leading brand of major household appliances, here with the use of PESTLE analysis we are going to determine how external forces can affect this business. (West, 2018) The Chinese government always tries to empower its local businesses after following some set of rules and regulatory policies that are different for different countries.

When the company operates in n international market their law requirements and copyrights come with a cost for Haier but it can earn revenue for the long term in return. Haier has worldwide operations so, unstable economic conditions of a certain country can decline business growth and will lead it towards inflation because people will not have the power to purchase their products. Social factors can also affect business, suppose you’re operating in a country where people feel hesitant to buy foreign products.

Buying habits of consumers can affect sales of any brand either in a negative or a positive way. Haier is a brand whose products are fully associated with technology as they always keep on developing and researching their products so that they can keep up with technology and can keep growing their rates. It is also very important for companies to contribute to the environment It will reflect their socially responsible behavior and the image of the company will also be groomed.

In order to keep business, run smoothly in different countries, Haier needs to follow rules and regulatory systems of different countries by fulfilling their requirements including patents and copyrights.

Consumer market and consumer buying behavior

Dawlance Group of Companies

Competitive forces and customer requirements are fluctuating, demanding technical execution and superior marketing strategies. (Dholakia, 2019)Organizations that put customers at the center of the business, their cycle time from the creation of the product to the launch of the product will leave no margin for error, such organizations will reap the profit.

Nowadays customer-oriented organizations are more successful, the companies should know about the market potential for their customers and design their products according to their buying and consumption behaviors. i.e. Dawlance customers in Pakistan are family people so the company should design their products according to its customer’s lifestyle.

Haier Group Corporation

Consumers are playing a vital role in any country’s economy. Decisions made by customers concerns the consumption behavior that affects the demand for any product. (Faith, Dudu Oritsematosan, & Agwu, 2018) Consumers’ buying behavior consists of their awareness about various brands, their perceptions about any particular brand reflects in their buying. i.e. Haier is an international home appliance brand that is designing its products according to its customers’ requirements (vary from country to country) worldwide.

Products and Services (Product life cycle)

Dawlance Group of Companies

Dawlance started operating in 1980 with the manufacturing of refrigerators. Today they are proud manufacturers of vertical and chest freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, split AC, and many more small and big home appliances.

They have three production facilities and the largest leadership networks with over 280 after-sale customer service workshops all across the country. Dawlance prime focus is on reliability as it’s the second-largest household in Pakistan.

Haier Group Corporation

Chinese based multinational home appliances and electronics company develops, designs, manufactures and sales the products including computers, mobile phones, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, and laptops.

Haier is a brand that has the world’s largest market share in white goods with a 10.2% retail volume market share. Haier is a market share leader for major household appliances in the world.

Pricing, Targeting and Positioning Strategies

Dawlance group of companies/ Haier Group Corporation

First of all, companies should know about their customers, their needs, behaviors, preferences, and lifestyles. (Djokic, 2018) After that companies should analyze what they can offer to their customers at which price that their other competitors can’t do.

They need to analyze their current performance towards customers. Companies need to identify weak points, gaps, points of excellence, fudges and unique selling points for knowing their differences from their competitors, for providing better delight to their customers. Companies need to be very clever about market intelligence for they’re well research market working.

Dawlance basically based in Pakistan, and Pakistan is a country where people live in the family system so, the products are always designed according to the customer’s needs there, the same is with their pricing strategies, the person from every class have the choice according to his affordability. Dawlance ensures that each and every product they deliver from the factory must go with rigorous, defect-free quality checks to their customers.

On the other hand, Haier is a multinational brand with its customers over 100 countries that is why Haier is fully focused on segmentation variables such as geographic, demographic, psychographic variables, these variables are being used by the corporation to segregate population which based on these similar characteristics.

Differentiating targeting strategy is being used by Haier to highlight the underlying benefits of the product. In the case of pricing strategy, Haier adopted a competitor, oriented strategy and sets its product prices at lower rates than its competitor companies. Economic pricing is helping the company in attracting a successful and huge customer base which causes an increase in its consumer market share.

Behind that actual production cost of Haier, products are very less because of cheap labor, hence they can easily afford low/economic-pricing system and still earn good revenues.

Marketing Mix Strategies (4p’s), Customer Communication, Competitive Advantage, and Sustainability.

Marketing Mix is the company’s overall value or offers to the customers. Basically, it has four main elements in it. (Wu & Li, (2018))These are nicknamed as 4p’s (product, pricing, promotion, placement or distribution)

Dawlance Group of Companies

The Dawlance has to provide household appliances to all the people who fall in the middle, lower-middle and upper-middle class in Pakistan. Dawlance believes that whatever (product) they provide to their customers should be reliable and durable and they are quite honest in their saying because consumers can keep on using their products for so many years.

The company has a variety in the models of their products and customers can choose from them according to their affordability. The company has a policy that all products should be of the same prices in all the cities of the country. The promotion budget of the company is 1.75% of their income. They used to spend 20% of their budget on Tv, 40% on print media, 20% on sales promotions and the last 20% on other outdoor activities. For the distribution strategy, Dawlance has around 800 dealers throughout the country and they try to make sure the availability of the required product of Dawlance in almost all appliance markets of Pakistan.

Dawlance has all the engineering capabilities with good finance and technical know-how to produce nationally and internationally quality products. These attributes make Dawlance stand tall in front of other national manufacturers of household appliances. The Company has a sustainable competitive advantage over other nationally based companies.

Haier Group Corporation

Haier is a multinational company with a strong worldwide presence which is dealing in developing, manufacturing, designing and selling various types of household appliances. The brand was started with the manufacturing of refrigerators and expanded with time. The company’s products range in almost 96 categories with 15,100 models.

Major products of Haier are Mobile phones, laptops, Air conditioners, water heaters, television, etc. Its main commercial products are commercial air conditioners and commercial freezers. Haier is operating and manufacturing in many countries including America, Asian, and some African countries. It has a strong distribution network which is dealing with a very capable and efficient workforce. Haier believes in competitor-oriented strategy so they set their product prices comparatively lower than their rival companies. For promotion purposes,

Haier has adopted a global branding and marketing strategy. Haier is quite uttered in expressing its concerns over the world’s ecological status as they promoted the concept of green idea and become a part of the active community for planting trees. Several advertisement campaigns are also used by the company for the purpose of promotion. i.e. electronic and print media, radio and television channels, household magazines, etc.

Haier has an aim of continuous innovation in the household industry, over that Haier is enjoying a sustainable competitive advantage of strong worldwide recognition as it is ranked as the second-largest household brand in the world.


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