Pakistan First Electric SUV Launches Audi

Audi Pakistan finally launches electric E-Tron Karachi, Pakistan. This is Audi’s first foray in the electric vehicle market with the E-Tron going head-to-head against the Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes EQC, and Tesla Model X. This car very similar to the other models with an outstanding look. It has an optional LED matrix, headlamps. It automatically controls the intensity of the light according to the traffic and an LED light strip with light flashing.


Audi used the virtual exterior mirror which increases safety by decreasing the resistance of the air. In the Exterior rear-view mirror, there is a small camera fitted in it. It allows the image digitally onto the OLED display on the door.


Audi has a very big space cabin that has features of two combinations the real-time data and the relevant data displayed on the dashboard of its virtual cockpit. It has 660 liters of fuel capacity and panoramic sunroof glass. It has a BlueTooth interface.
Audi car has LED projector lights in front and rear. The interior can be dimmed. It has a Digital gauge CLuster, two touchscreens in the center and wireless charging, Wifi Hotspot option available.


It contains Maxximum Output 300KW and features include Optimum traction. Two electric motors are installed. Both motors are used for each axle. This car has the ability to cover the range of 417Km on a single battery charge. It has a maximum speed of 200km/h and can cover the distance of 0-100km/h.

It uses 150.0 kW DC fast-chargers which allows a range of 80KM in 10 minutes an in half-hour. The battery charge timing is 9 hours.


Audi is the first car to use an electro-hydraulically brake control system in an electric car. It allows the car to recharge with more than 85 % of deceleration

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is the safest car and they award them 5 stars in testing.

This Audi car has multiple driving features includes automated emergency braking,self-parking assist, adaptive cruise, control forward-collision warning.

Price & Warranty

Audi has 8 years of warranty on the very high voltage Batteries. Its  cost is 15,500,500.]

Now, this car is available for booking in Pakistan.




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