AI Brain Scanners Can Now Convert Your Thoughts into Text:-

Mind Machine interfaces are known as Brain-machine.Major.AI have seen major leaps in the last few years. Top Universities included the University of California, have succeeded in translating the brain signals with 98% accuracy.
This research and study were lead by Edward Neurosurgeon Chang. Their team uses a new technique to decode the brain signals using the electrodes. This study was consist of 4 epilepsy patients that were under seizures by their medical conditions

They read and repeat a number of sentences aloud. The electrodes were attached with their head which recorded the activity of their brain. The data was collected and was fed to neural networks to analyze the patterns of the brain. By analyzing the different speech signatures, consonants, mouth movements, and vowels. The data was decoded other neural networks which were based on the repetition of 30 spoken sentences.

According to the research, Word rate error was 3%. Despite that, the overall test and the accurate result mark a new benchmark for AI- decoding brain activity. This is great research in this new AI world.


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