WhatsApp to Get its Most Requested Feature

New features are coming to WhatsApp with every update and future updates get teased and leaked all the time. One of the major features that has been teased time and time again is the ability to use the messenger on multiple devices at the same time.

According to popular WhatsApp Beta news publisher WABetainfo, the feature is in the testing phase right now and will be coming to WhatsApp in the near future.

Currently, WhatsApp only allows one account to be signed in on one device, but that is expected to change with this update. There has been speculation for a long time about when this major update will drop, but WABetaInfo‘s latest tweet confirms that it won’t be long

According to the tweet, WhatsApp has started internal testing for the multiple devices feature. While a timeline is not exactly clear, it is certain that the internal tests have been initiated which means that the feature shouldn’t take too long to roll out.

This version of WhatsApp will also show all the devices that are synced with an account and will likely also give you the ability to log out from all devices on the list. It is unclear whether it will let people choose a main or primary device for now.



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