World’s First Portable MRI Scanner by Pakistani Scientist

World’s First Portable MRI Scanner by Pakistani Scientist


A New York-based company “Hyperfine” invented the World’s first portable MRI ScannerThe Food and Drug Administration issued 501(K) instruments to make the portable MRI Scanner.

Hyperfine is an invention of Pakistani American Radiologists named DR.Khan Siddiqui.

Comparison of Portable MRI Scanner and Regular MRI Scanner:-

The weight of the Portable Machine is 630 Kgs whereas the Regular MRI machine has a 4500 KG of 1.5T MRI machine.

So, a Portable MRI machine has a wheel at its base which makes it portable and also consumes very less amount of electricity as compared with the Regular heavyweight MRI Scanner machine.


MRI scanner is can be plugged easily into the wall outlet and can be used at once. This Portable MRI Scanner is also compatible with the tablet. These scanned images can be viewed on Cell phones. As well as we can save the images on the cloud storage.

Benefits of Portable MRI:-

According to the views of Dr. Khan Siddiqui, this MRI  can scan the neck, head, and do all the scans which require in the medical.

Price of Portable MRI:-

Its price $50,000 which is 20 times less cost than the Regular MRI Machine.



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