You can get COVID-19 test result in 5 minutes

Abbott company invented a new COVID-19 testing medical device that can give your COVID test result in just 5 minutes. This test was approved in emergency use in the United States.

It is a small portable device and it can be directly done in any clinic or emergency room and its result comes in just 5 minutes. Doctors could take a swab from the patient’s throat or nose and insert directly into the machine. It is the second point care test for the COVID-19.
This Abbott company test works totally in a different way which is being tested all over the world. A standard way is that a sample of the patient sent to a lab and further process using PCR, method and them diagnosis the Coronavirus.

The Abbott test also looks for virus genetic material, but it works at one single temperature. That’s why the device it runs on can be so small — it doesn’t need as much energy. According to Abbot company, their plan is to start shipping 50,000 machines to different countries in the coming days.


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